Simple Pleasure

After coming back to US, home alone! without my mom! was really a nightmare. Managing 3 kids without any help.Aww.... I myself feel like a big time complainer. :(

This made me so depressed and thus i ended up cheering myself. Hence this thought which i wanted to share with you all.

Life is filled with tons of simplest pleasures that we miss to recognise . Dear friends and readers, we happen to meet rough times , and tend to get stuck . But the trick is get self-motivatedly cheering ourselves.

In my case i was obsessed with baby sitting and doing the household chores. Eventually i tend to loose my mind , which lead to stress. So I was casually stalking around the internet and read some people talking about having more kids and yet having simple pleasures. Thankyou web-friends, for reminding me what life is all about! Their experiences reminded me of my simple pleasures to bring back my mood!

Here are they are:

Snuggling with my kiddos in the bed.

The moment i saw a wonderful handmade card by my Son for the mothers day!

The minute i saw my son's valentine card , that he had mentioned "My valentine is my Mom"

The first time my twins said Momma

Hearing someone say I love your hair/eyes/smile :))

Being told I did a great job on something

Reading emails from readers of my blog.

The smell of my house after the maids leave

The smile on my son’s face when I pick him up at school

Hearing my twin girls saying bye-bye to their big- brother when he leaves to school in the morning.

My twins huge (mostly) toothless grin when they see me

Unexpected “Mommy, I love you”s from my Son.

When my Husband says "this is the best dish i have ever had" with my cooking. and/or

"Not even my Mom(supposed to be every guy's best cook) could make such a tasty dish!

(Actually the later would be the biggest credit to my cooking.

So basically what i wanted to convey is that, please try and find beauty and pleasure in simple things that you would experience every day, that would relax your mind.

Try it out folks, just ease yourselves from day to day anxiety and tesnions. Make yourselves physically and mentally healthy!

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